What does Stoomlink mean?

Le logo de Stoomlink

“Stoomlink? What kind of a startup name is that?” Let us explain it to you.

It’s a fact: since we launched our start-up Stoomlink, we have been often asked what the name stands for. And since the newspaper L’Echo recently tried to answer this question in an article entitled Les coulisses de la rédaction, it’s time for us to explain it properly !

L’Echo gave it a try

Capture d'écran du passage de l'article Les coulisses de la rédaction de L'Echo
Passage from the (free) article entitled “Les coulisses de la rédaction” (Backstages of the Newsroom), from L’Echo newspaper (March 27, 2021)

According to the journalist’s analysis, Stoomlink would therefore refer to the Brussels insult “stommerik” as well as to the “steam link”. But that’s not quite it…

The real meaning of Stoomlink

Stoomlink refers to a Brussels expression, meaning “to do something in stoemelings” (pronounced stoumelinx). That is to say, to do something on the sly, in secret. (Not really our style, right?!)

The word Stoomlink also refers to the Dutch words “stoom”, which means “steam”, and “link” that means also “link” in english.

We want to be the link from the past, embodied by the steam train, to the future of mobility, which can only be sustainable, explains Thomas Hermine, CEO of Stoomlink. And combustion cars will also embody, one day, this past of mobility. “

By the way, these two ideas are also expressed in our logo: where we find the 8, lying down, of infinity, as well as a dash which represents the link.

At Stoomlink, our goal is to accelerate the mobility of the future through our digital tools!

Now, you know everything ! 😉