Park and Ride : how long does it take to reach the city centre?

This map let you know where to get in 20 minutes, from a Park and Drive, located on the outskirts of Brussels.

Are the Park and Ride on the outskirts of Brussels the solution to relieve congestion in the Belgian capital? With our map, let’s see where we can get in 20 minutes.

With remote working, we could have hoped that rush-hour traffic in the capital would be a thing of the past. But this is still far from being the case, as a recent study by the newspaper Le Soir shows: the rush hour has indeed resisted the coronavirus.

VIAS noted that in late December, in its study on the impact of the health crisis linked to mobility, VIAS pointed out that nearly one out of two Brussels residents was afraid to take public transport, 1 out of 3 in Wallonia and Flanders.

While the Brussels government is working on a plan to reduce the number of on-street parking spaces by 65,000, one solution seems to be emerging: the Park and Ride parking facility.

Moreover, according to a new study done by Vias, released a few days ago, 3 out of 4 Belgians are in favor of more parking lots on the outskirts of the city.

Bruxelles has 7 P+R:

Ceria, Anderlecht(1300  parking spots  );

Lennik-Erasme, Anderlecht (675  parking spots );

Crainhem, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (194  parking spots );

Roodebeek, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (189  parking spots );

HerrmannDebroux, Auderghem (104  parking spots );

Delta, Auderghem (386  parking spots );

Stalle, Uccle (380  parking spots ).

Where do I get to in 20 minutes?

But of course, when you’ve just parked your car, you want to be able to get to downtown easily and quickly.

Stoomlink’s map allows you to visualize in a few seconds the distance traveled in 20 minutes, thanks to public transportation.

Each P&R station has its own color and a starting point. Just click on the color of your choice to highlight one P&R station on the map.

According to the map, two P&R sites allow you to reach the city center, via Brussels Central Station, in less than 20 minutes: Delta and Roodebeek.

But, as you can see, the P&R parking lots of Herrmaan-Debroux and Kraainem also allow you to reach the city center in a little more than 20 minutes.

On the south-western side of Brussels, the P&R Ceria and Lennik-Erasme parking lots make it possible to reach Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, for example, in the same time. The Stalle parking lot is in St Gilles.

Conclusion? There is no secret, some districts are less easily accessible, such as Ixelles or even the entire North of Brussels, including Schaerbeek.

The city center can be reached in 20 minutes, yes, but only as far as Brussels Central Station…

In general, therefore, we note that Park and Ride parking lots are highly dependent on public transport, especially subways.

The development of P&R and public transport networks must therefore take this trend into account. Otherwise, drivers will prefer to join the flow of cars that rush into Brussels every day.

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