Our Best Wishes for 2021. 🎄(Wait, what?)

A preview of "WhereToBuy", our upcoming project. It shows a map with a few indicators.

Here we are again…
It’s March 1st and we are sending you our best wishes.

Yes, we dare.

Because seriously: what still has meaning this year?


Health. We wish you good health and happiness with all your close ones.

Inclusivity. No one should be left behind. It’s why transport and web accessibility have to get better everyday. This subject is central  to our concerns. We have been working on it,  we are working on it, and we will keep working on it, for as long as it takes.

Openness. One thing the covid taught us is that borders means nothing to a virus. But data is everything. We believe now more than ever that data should be open to make sure the public gets the best possible tools for a true drive of change.

Perspective. That was quite a problem in 2020; still is in 2021. With vaccinations underway, let’s hope that by the first half of the year, we will have a resemblance of “normality”.

That being shared:

Looking back to 2020, even though it’s was the strangest year of all, we do have a couple of things to be proud of:

  • We raised a first roundwith Finance&Invest Brussels and VIAS Institute to fuel our growth
  • 2020 proved that working remotely is not such a crazy idea. Being remote from day one, we wrote down a practical guide on teleworking. Have a look at our tips !
  • Our team has grown solidly with the addition of 3 new teammates !
  • We are working closer than ever with our historical partners (SNCBTECRTBF,…) to make mobility a reality for all.
  • We made sure Stoomlink was definitely part of the belgian mobility ecosystem (REBITSCo.MobilityFabMob).
  • We dedicated some time to innovate for the good of all (#DIYMasksanti-harassement hotline)

Looking ahead at 2021, we couldn’t be more thrilled.
Follow us on our social media, you will see a bunch of amazing projects coming up.
Reach out (hit reply!) if you want to be amongst them.

One of those is almost ready…
And let’s just say that deciding where to live is going to be a hell of a way easier !

A preview of "WhereToBuy", our upcoming project. It shows a map with a few indicators.
Stoomlink is working on a new projet, that’s gonna make deciding where to live way easier.

In the meantime, we will keep doing what we do best: working on tomorrow’s mobility, for everyone and everywhere.

Happy 2021 to all of you, don’t forget to stay positive but test negative!