Back to the office with our SmartDisplay

A screen of the public transport realtime occupancy

On June 9, it’s time to think about going back to the office!

With our SmartDisplay, get ALL the local mobility information on your wall, so your employees can  get back home in the most efficient and safe way.  

On June 9, it will be possible to return to the work place one day per week. And in July, teleworking won’t be compulsory anymore, but only recommended. How to help your teams and visitors to come back to the office, safely?

How about using our SmartDisplay?

SmartDisplay, what for?

At what time is the next bus? Is there a delay? Can I find a bike or an electric scooter nearby? Is there any shared car around? Thanks to our SmartDisplay, on the wall of your offices, your employees will get in a glance all l the local mobility information that exist around them.

Safety first! With our brand feature, you can also take advantage of realtime occupancy for all public transports.

If using crowded public transports is a non-deal for you lovely team (as it should, even more with this crisis), give them the opportunity to make the right choices of departure time with a simple look on the SmartDisplay.

Commute SHOULD be practical and fun

Without being commuting for months, many of us have been sleeping more or even exercising, during that time.

Now that it’s time to go back into the work to house trips, it’s not gonna be easy for many of your employees to give up on this free time. Hence the opportunity to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Because commuting is enjoyable, it’s the perfect time to act the transition between your work day and your personal time. Public transports offer a chance to read, listen to a podcast, text a friend or play Candy Crush or Scrabble. It’s that relaxed and efficient kind of commute that you want to give back to your employees, not the one with delays and sudden cancellations in public transports.

Give your employee the chance to discover shared bikes and all the micro-mobility options that are around your office, so that they will enjoy a fun ride home. YES, mobility information is the beginning of a durable and exciting new way of commuting back and from the office.

And our SmartDisplay can help you with that.

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