Back to the office with our SmartDisplay

On June 9, it’s time to think about going back to the office! With our SmartDisplay, get ALL the local mobility information on your wall, so your employees can  get back home in the most efficient and safe way.   On June 9, it will be possible to return to the work place one day per week.… Continue reading Back to the office with our SmartDisplay

A quick walk through the Corporate Transports Plan obligation

Corporate Transports Plan = Plan de déplacements d’entreprise/Bedrijfsvervoerplannen If your company is located in the Brussels Region and has more than 100 employees on site, every 3 years you have to submit a Corporate Transports Plan (Plan de déplacements d’entreprise/Bedrijfsvervoerplannen). Let’s have a quick walk through, to understand quickly what you need to do and… Continue reading A quick walk through the Corporate Transports Plan obligation

Is mobility really a choice?

Mobility is a daily choice, but our environment forces us to select some mobility solution over others. What can we do about it and how to make sure we stay free to choose the mobility solutions we want?

Why web accessibility is important

Building accessible websites and technologies : that’s the goal of our team. At Stoomlink, we’ve decided to catch up on the latest requirements thanks to AnySurfer’s training. We highly recommend it! Unfortunately, the web is still far from being accessible to everyone. But this is not inevitable. Web accessibility has to be learned. Anysurfer offers… Continue reading Why web accessibility is important

Denis Florkin, remote only

If most of people started to work remotely in the wake of the COVID-19, our Lead Engineer Developer Denis Florkin has been teleworking for a while now.  Here are his tips. Being a developer wasn’t really planned for Denis Florkin. And yet, as he started to work in the Communication field, he quickly switched to… Continue reading Denis Florkin, remote only