A quick walk through the Corporate Transports Plan obligation

Corporate Transports Plan = Plan de déplacements d’entreprise/Bedrijfsvervoerplannen

If your company is located in the Brussels Region and has more than 100 employees on site, every 3 years you have to submit a Corporate Transports Plan (Plan de déplacements d’entreprise/Bedrijfsvervoerplannen). Let’s have a quick walk through, to understand quickly what you need to do and how to do it well. 


The Corporate Transports Plan objectives can be articulated around 2 pillars:

  1. Reducing the environmental impact of your company
  2. Reducing traffic congestion in the Brussels Region

It’s vocation is to be a driver of discussions. But also to structure initiatives around localisations accessibility, more sustainable mobility and the efficiency of corporate transports. 

For public authorities it is also a way to ensure a great monitoring of the corporate mobility solutions with regular and accurate data. These data can later be used to support studies and policies working on surrounding mobility in the Brussels Region.

Is your company concerned? 

As a public or private institution, if you have more than 100 employees on one site, you need to submit a form (for every localization, obviously).

An opportunity to seize

Through its requirements the Corporate Transport Plan is a great initiative to force companies to think about their mobility, once completed, the form will give them a better idea of:

  1. How their current mobility is organized
  2. How their employees are moving
  3. The need to improve their current mobility

But the Corporate Transport Plan should be seen as  much more than a legal requirement, it is a true opportunity for companies to leverage change in their mobility. 

Many factors are making this year’s Corporate Transport Plan crucial: 

  • The pressure around available mobility solutions has never been bigger, all the public transport companies are pushing their digital experience, the number of micro-mobility and shared mobility available in the streets are growing every month. 
  • The current COVID crisis has forced everyone to rethink the way they are moving and the current mobility solutions provided by companies do not match the needs of their employees. 
  • Mentalities are evolving, people now see mobility as much more than a convenience, mobility is rooted in our daily lives and everyone should have the freedom to choose the mobility that fits his lifestyle and values.

It is therefore crucial for companies to have more than a snapshot of their current corporate mobility, it is now the time to start acting on their mobility solutions in order to fit in the current era and to build a future-proof vision to ensure that their mobility is aligned with the needs of their employees and society. 

Deadline & procedure 

The Corporate Transports Plan has two parts: 

  1. A diagnosis of your mobility: this part maps out the current way your corporate transports are organised, the repartitions of those corporate transports among your employees, your remote working organisation and the accessibility of your localisation. 
  2. A concrete action plan: this part set up clear objectives to attain in the next 3 years regarding the multi-modal distribution in your transport options, as well as describing all the obligatory measures in place to support that plan. 

Afterwards, all you’ll have to do is to upload your data, an online mobility survey is available and will automatically generate the desired info from your employees (transport modes, home postal code, …). If however you already have those data, you can use the standard excel form provided to upload them.

Deadline: The form has to be submitted for the 31st January 2022. We would start worrying about it in June 2021.

Let us help you.

Thanks to Stoomlink, you can use the opportunity of the Corporate Transports to create a future-proof vision of your corporate mobility that will align your company goals with the current mobility ecosystem and allow you to evolve with it. 

We are able to provide quick and deep analyses, requiring minimum inputs but maximum insights. These analyses will help you to have a clear diagnostic of your corporate mobility but more importantly support you in building action plans based on date and a clear vision of your possibilities. Our set of solutions are the tools required to support your Mobility Manager in having the right information in order to make good decisions.

Let’s talk about it and see what’s possible for you.

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